Q: Why do you focus on teaming? 

A: We are tired of seeing government programs suffer from what has always been done. Well qualified firms lose opportunities due to the old school business development mindset. Companies with new and innovative solutions can’t face the gauntlet of getting into the government business. And, too many people are running about trading work share instead of focusing on bringing true value and solving problems. We will help you find the right team members, with the right solutions for the right contract.

Q: Tell me more about your training. How does Winning Lean™ work? 

A: Winning Lean™ teaches you adapt your business development process and implement a growth model founded upon three simple, yet powerful phases: position, propose and perform. We transform the business of growth from the aim on a static target into a discipline to find and focus on opportunities within an adaptive, learning environment.

Q: Has Winning Lean™ worked? 

A: Through 25+ years in our consulting practice, Market Strategies, the concepts and strategies behind Winning Lean™  have resulted in awarded contract values in excess of $29 billion. We think multiple “b’s” qualifies as success.

Q: Will you just sell the process so we can implement it on our own? 

A: Implementing Winning Lean™ starts with training. You can reserve onsite training for your team, customized to your industry, at your location. Or, send your staff to our public classes. Either way, your team will become certified Winning Lean™  professionals who can begin to transform your organization’s approach to growth.

Q: I’m a consultant and I freelance for companies who are pursuing government contracts. How can I leverage Winning Lean™?

A: Two ways: talent and training. Join our Talent platform and connect with companies looking for freelance talent and get matched to the right project at the right time.  Attend our Training classes and certification program to increase your value in the marketplace by teaching you how to bring efficiency, flexibility and excellence to your next client engagement.

Q: Do you work in all kinds of Government contracts and industries?

A: For 25+ years the consulting practice from which Winning Leanwas born has focused almost primarily in healthcare, and related businesses, on both a Federal and State level. That being said, Winning Lean can easily be applied to all lines of business – the process works regardless of your industry. We are actively seeking experienced professionals with other government contract expertise to teach Winning Lean™ for our growing demand of customers in energy, technology, security and defense.

Q: How much does implementing Winning Lean™ cost? 

A: The fees for our training classes are listed within our training curriculum. Contact us  for a customized schedule to reserve training at your location.

If you have additional questions or wish to discuss your needs, please complete our contact form.