Finding a teaming partner is, all too often, relegated to your staff’s current network of colleagues, prior employers and companies swapping work share just to get some business. While you may get some business or find a subcontractor to help you meet your small business goals, this inside the box thinking misses the bigger picture. Delivering true value requires a careful balance between what you do well today and where you can stretch to better solve your customer’s problems. Where are the companies with innovative solutions, great qualifications and a team of professionals who are great to work with and deliver on their promises?

Winning Lean helps you find the best teaming partners. We curate and invite innovators to our platform. And, we have established data requirements and endorsements so you know if what you’re being promised is real. If you are a prime looking for great subcontractors, a subcontractor looking to demonstrate your value to a prime team, or an innovator who wants to break into the government business, our platform brings everyone together. Winning Lean is much like a dating site for business and opens a whole new world of potential teaming partners and subcontractors to better your chances of success.

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Teaming… better.